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My Craw Hurts!

OK so I’ve got a couple things sticking in my craw.

First tho, Happy New Year! This is definitely going to be a better year. Hell it is already.We are on our own. Alone. no roomies. Hallelujah! Finally! So yeah, better already. I’m nekked right now and noone can see 😝. HA

Ok where was i…..,
My craw. Sticking. Like a splinter.
Holidays were here. Family. I thought i taught my family what family means.
Apparently not.
They’ve decided that family means *do what i want, or else* If they don’t agree with you, than you’re shit out of luck, sianara sucker. Won’t talk to you until you behave.
Now, i spent years doing without, sacrificing, staying home, giving 110% to these people. I didn’t go to Parties. Clubs. (Wait, there was that one time…) anywhere but work and home. Didn’t hang with friends, unless it was friends with kids, and the kids were there too. I gave all i had since i was 17 to raise them.
Don’t misunderstand. I am not complaining about it, and im not saying they asked me too, I’m just listing the facts. And the fact is, i did my job. Well. As parents out job is to raise our kids to leave home and not need us. Ever apparently. Seems i did my job too well. Now they think they know what i should be doing.
We are still young….sorta
Energetic….Sometimes. well anyway, not responsible to anyone but ourselves. And if i want to live it up a bit, what’s Wrong with that? Why is it a problem? And do they even KNOW what in doing? Have they asked ME?
They’d rather me sit and wait for them to have a free moment to maybe call or come by to entertain me, and in the meantime i just…..wait? Hope the boredom doesn’t turn me into a troll?
Considering it had been months since a visit, longer for some, im pretty sure that’s the bad option.
So I say, Wtf? Why can’t it be my turn? Why not live a little while i can still enjoy it. I don’t monitor your activities, you’re adults. Sure me the same courtesy. Not hurting anyone. Not rabblerousing. Not even much carousing to tell the truth. A bit of catting around maybe, but a girls gotta have some fun right?

If you’ve got a question, ASK ME. Me. Complaint? Tell ME. but remember this: when you did something i didn’t agree with, or was mad about, what did i do? Disown you? Turn away? No. Never. Still there. Every day. Helped fix whatever, or got over whichever, and life went on. Together.
I think maybe there’s been a memory lapse. Forgot all that came before. Forgot what’s important. Forgot that time ticks by. Someday there won’t be any time
Maybe sooner than you think.

Gotta go clean my craw