Ok Universe. I hear ya!


If it isn’t one thing….

As we get older, the hope is that we will grow, learn, evolve into – at the very least – tolerable adults. Most of us do just that. Some……. Well some DEvolve. I’ve met a few that might as well grab a banana and pop a squat that shows off their red asses. You know the ones right?
Yup thought so
There are things that we never grow out of tho. Not always a bad thing. In fact, if you ask me, most of the time kids know a fuck of a lot more than adults do. We lose something as we evolve seems like.
Wonder. Imagination. Instinct.  Magic. Faith. Hope. Belief.
We drum it out of them from the start. Somehow forgetting how great it was for us, before the evolution. Before adulting. We shush the baby that cries when we answer the door. Shake hands with evil and invite them in. The baby knows. The dog knows. Hell, WE know. We push it aside in favor of politeness, denial, need for the cable to be fixed, AC turned back on. Teaching baby that their instinct must be wrong, or why would their Parental Units let the bad man in? Maybe baby will just ignore it next time, until that instinct is dulled. Then muted.  Then, after baby is in bed, watching the news reveals the cable guy/ac guy/dude from bowling had 6 women and a bunch of turtles locked up in his basement, and 8 more buried under the rec room. (8 more women, not turtles.)
Guess baby was right.
Other stuff we let them keep, or just don’t actively stifle. Like……
Some food preferences.
Clothing style – yeah think about it, you’re dressed  now in a grown up version of your 3rd grade class pic outfit. Or jammies.
Am or pm kind of person
Music/sports/art talent
I had a lot going on as a kid, but one thing never changed. I LOVE to read. Used to go thru about a book a day. Full size books. All kinds. From learning to read at 3, to now, words are magic. Good and bad.
A book can take you anywhere. Anytime. You can become anybody. You can lose yourself in a world that is as real as the one you’re living in. More real maybe. The words create a vision, a movie almost, in your mind that is a vivid as it would be on a screen. Better, because there are no limits. Rules are different in the mind-movie. Set by the author and you. It’s amazing. I only wish i could write like that. Weave a whole world in-between the pages of a book. I never could tho. Believe me i tried.
It takes a certain kind of imagination to pluck that shit out of thin air. I know a lot of stuff, too much sometimes, but i can’t story write. You’d think after the thousands of books I’ve read, i could easily jot one down. Nope. First off, i could never get past *once upon a time…*
Where to start? With what? Where? Oh God, i have to think up names n shit too?? I think I’m having the vapors.
Now Hubs can make up an entire movie in his head. Start to finish. Credits rolling. Man if i could put a projector in his skull, if be a bazillionaire. Granted, noone in his movies had any clothes on. At least not for long, and the dialogue is sparse, but the details are crazy. Not kidding. Truly genius. Wish i could see inside his head.  Or maybe not……
We all have a kid inside us still. People need to stop taking everything so seriously and let go once in a while. Twice in awhile even. Imagine if adults played more. Kid type stuff. Tag. Hide n seek. Ride bikes just cuz. Jumped on the bed. Crap like that. Bet happiness would be oozing out all over the place. World would be sloppy with it. More music games and weed. Perfect. Why do we adult ourselves out of all of it?

I get that some adulting has to happen.  Gotta get shit done right?  But why be a stick-in-the-mud the rest of the times? Come to think of it, less stickinthemudding could be going on whilst getting shit done.  Why the fuck no fun is happening? Why not? If you gotta do shit, well do it. But why not have fun while you’re doing it? It’s nut like having NO fun is what’s  getting it done. If you have to do something, it goes faster with a smile. Think on it. You know it’s true. And smiles are contagious. Frowns are too ya Know. Why you want to infect the people around you with the frownitus? That is just not right. Infect them with some grins instead. Yeah sounds corny right? Well so what. Corny doesnt mean wrong. In fact, corny  prolly means right.  Yup.

Devolve some . Act goofy. Silly. Like a dork. Untie that dam tie, unbutton the shirt, kick off the …….. no wait …. heels are hot. Leave those on. Take something else off. *evil grin* have some fun. You’ll feel better, the people around you will Feel better, and if they don’t appreciate,  well, fuck em. They suck . Keep at it, conversions are inevitable. I’m the meantime, you can enjoy life.  Ones thing ive learned these last couple years: to appreciate the little things. The stuff that costs nothing , but is priceless. Time is one.  Don’t waste it.




Wow. Just wow.

A year huh?

Published a year ago.

Can’t be.  I haven’t written shit this year.  Well on a screen anyway.  Which is what counts here. I knew that.  Just have to remind myself that I can’t stuff my notebook into my laptop .or phone. Or tablet.

Tried that

Didn’t work.

In my defense there was a lot going on.  Crazy people all around.  Not the good crazy either.  Bad crazy.  Broken arm.  Twice.  Moving here there & everywhere.  Lack of consistent internet.

But the DarkDays are in the rear view & nothing but sunny skies ahead.  Ummm no. Sun is hot.  Here it’s very hot . I vote moonlight ahead.  Much better.

Anywho, I’m going to  try to get my shit together and do some sprucing up around here.  Spring cleaning and all that. Our spring lasts about 12 minutes, so I hafta hurry it up.

Any suggestions? Advice? Writing or decorating or technical WP hints all welcome :).  Magic wands? The number for the hot maids? (Yeah ,I tried to stick that pic here,but alas, I was temporarily defeated) its a right mess up in here.

So while I while away the time I could spend working on this crap finding a new coloring pic to transform into a *masterpiece*, I’m hoping a miracle will occur. Like a hurricane maybe. Then I could claim ins and we’d be a sparkling clean fresh site.

Yeah i know.


Movin on up…..

Well we got a new apt. It’s not the Taj , but hey, few places are right? At least it’s not crowded here. Nope,all ours. Bliss. I know, sounds so simple, but you really don’t know how it grates on you to have another person around, not even when theyre around do you realize, then when theyre not……… You get it. That you haven’t relaxed in what seems like forever now, that you were always *on”.
Now~I’m wearing no pants. Yup. That’s right. No pants. And guess what? I can. Yup. Because its just us. YAY!
Now, to rebuild a bit. Gather what i have left, and start nesting again. *Sigh* if only people would keep their mits off of stuff that’s not theirs, or keep their word when they say your crap is safe there, it would be a much happier world. But alas, they don’t. They steal, break, throw out your crap and you gotta start over. It might be crap, but dammit, its MY crap. Or was. *Sigh*.
Have a friend who just told us he’s got to geta pacemaker put in. That can’t be right, right? We’re not old enough to have friends old enough for pacemakers. Right? RIGHT?? *Sigh* I just hope he follows Dr orders so he can start feeling better. Men~not so good at that huh?
See i live in a world where every day could be it. Well we all do, but some are a bit closer to the edge. Had my heart stop once, which i don’t recommend BTW, and it could easily again. Makes me look at things a tad differently sometimes. I try to not do that time wasting thing. I HATE wasted times. I might have mentioned that once or twice…… 😁
It also can make me think it would have been better to have the infection have it’s way, or that it’d be easier , to have gone then instead of getting well. Those are bad moments, but can get overwhelming at times. Wouldn’t have had to deal with all this crap for starters. All the pain & rejection. The Loss. The struggle to keep it all together, to be the strong one. And unappreciated for all that. Not to lose almost everything and everyone i fought and sacrificed for. To be forgotten.
Luckily i pull my head out of my ass most of the time with no trouble. I look and see that it could be, had been, worse, and there are things to smile about. Be happy about. Look forward to.
There’s always someone out there happier then you are, to have a lot less than you have.
True dat
Yeah, as usual, rambled a bit, but hey, we all have our things right? I’m always late, and i ramble. Oh, and have great taste in music. 😎

Funny Quote of the Day: “I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.” – David Lee Roth