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Writing prompt for the day…..

I Have the courage to be imperfect…

I say good thing. If I didn’t, I’d be a blubbering hot mess in a corner somewhere. I mean, more than usual that Is. Besides, perfect would be boring. We are NEVER boring. Perish the thought!
Anywho, things are going good around here. For a nice change from the recent past. There is the job, the pathfinder 2.0 *I think shes a Sheila… Our old one was Sammi, she was hot! * and I haven’t broken anything important lately. I’ve fallen, but so far stuck the landings.
*finds wood *
*knocks *
*Gets dirty look from Hub for messing up his hat*
Oh and got a black Fri tab, still setting it up, it’s a cheapy, but hey, better than my underwater friend ‘TabToo’ speaking of which, I think I might fried battery, not actual tab, I’m going to see about that this week too.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, only not so good thing is the arm. Still not out of pain, can’t hold much for long, not even the little crap. Turn wrong and it kills me. No leaning on it, or OW. I know, it was broken 2X by me, well Dr said *shattered *then *collapsed* but that’s just 2 of them bones right? There’s another perfectly good one right next to them. Thumb shmumb, got 4 fingers who needs that all the time? And so what if it was a bit lopsided. Character right?
NO not good enough for Dr people. They gotta go and rip it apart again, just so they can rebuild. HUMPH translation :I get to deal with no right hand for like a year total. We are not amused. Nope
So….. Next on the list :domicile. Dwelling. House. Home. At least home for now. Need to find a place to hang his hat. I don’t wear hats, I just want a room. With a door. Hunting has begun in earnest, cross your fingers, toes, eyes, cast a spell, grab a lucky charm (watch for leprechauns) whatever will do it and let’s make it happen!
Look out phx, I’m in a mood I tell ya


Time Travel?

Lost time
Wasted time
Time machine…..
That would be the shit huh? To have the wisdom of tomorrow to fix yesterdays….
I’m not altogether sure if It would be a good thing, or a smart thing, but WoW it’s for sure a tempting thing.
I mean, fixing then means now is changed right? So in theory if you did that, you wouldn’t need to do that. Ouch.


Man that hurts.

It sux tho, the *what if* game.What if I’d, what if you’d, what if this, what if that…… Drive a person #BatShitCrazy . Seriously nuts. If I’d just said NO that one time, what would life be like now? Plodding along the same way only a bit Older? Would the same question come along later? Would I say no again, or yes again? Would I have ended up the same place? Or totally different? Is it inevitable that we end up *where we’re supposed to be* or doing what we’re *supposed to be doing*? Fate or not?

   Sheesh that’s exhausting.  Might need a nap. Could go for days on those lines. Round n round. Dizzifying ( **yes! New Word! I like it😎**) it’s better to just accept what is, and think ahead right? Can’t change shit, can’t regret, cuz all that made you who you are right now.
But if it was different, would I be better?
Shut up, brain, analyzing it won’t make a dam difference already.
Man what a pain that brain is.
I’m sending it out for lunch. Maybe it’ll come back in a better mood
Anyway, I know its been forever, what with the thrice broken arm and all, but I’m back at it almost all in at this point, so, YAY go me. 🙂 I’ve got some burning thoughts I’ve been writing on little bits as I can, this typing thing isn’t as easy as you’d think with shattered bone, or anything else for that matter. I’ve definitely learned the value of an opposable thumb😁.
I’ve taken up *art therapy * and can call my self a *colorist * now. Yeah it’s like that. Yup. I feel no shame. Nope not a bit. I used to color back in the day, did those big posters used to be able to find in Walgreens. In architect tubes. And fuzzy posters. I can still find fuzzy posters in the store, but the big ones are elusive. Can find some crap online, but then need credit card. Ah the joy of the electronic age. Cash Almost obsolete. But that is a thought for another day……
Ill be back
*poof *