Wow. Just wow.

A year huh?

Published a year ago.

Can’t be.  I haven’t written shit this year.  Well on a screen anyway.  Which is what counts here. I knew that.  Just have to remind myself that I can’t stuff my notebook into my laptop .or phone. Or tablet.

Tried that

Didn’t work.

In my defense there was a lot going on.  Crazy people all around.  Not the good crazy either.  Bad crazy.  Broken arm.  Twice.  Moving here there & everywhere.  Lack of consistent internet.

But the DarkDays are in the rear view & nothing but sunny skies ahead.  Ummm no. Sun is hot.  Here it’s very hot . I vote moonlight ahead.  Much better.

Anywho, I’m going to  try to get my shit together and do some sprucing up around here.  Spring cleaning and all that. Our spring lasts about 12 minutes, so I hafta hurry it up.

Any suggestions? Advice? Writing or decorating or technical WP hints all welcome :).  Magic wands? The number for the hot maids? (Yeah ,I tried to stick that pic here,but alas, I was temporarily defeated) its a right mess up in here.

So while I while away the time I could spend working on this crap finding a new coloring pic to transform into a *masterpiece*, I’m hoping a miracle will occur. Like a hurricane maybe. Then I could claim ins and we’d be a sparkling clean fresh site.

Yeah i know.